Design Tips

Make your own vase arrangement!

Every day is different in our shop, but we’re always arranging flowers and stems. I thought I would show the design process step-by-step for making a beautiful vase arrangement.
This arrangement is going to be large because the design elements, the vase and stems are big. You need to start with good quality materials that work together if you want your finished design to be beautiful. It is important to use the best quality faux or silk flowers that your budget allows.  Your arrangement will look much more realistic if you invest in better quality flowers. Cheap faux or silk flowers will always look cheap.

Step 1:
You will start with a large, clear glass vase.  If the arrangement was being made with fresh branches, the water in the vase would give the container the weight needed to anchor it down.  Our project is made of dried branches and silk flowers so we added pebbles to the bottom of the vase.  You could vary the look by using other materials in place of the pebbles, including shells, beans, decorative rocks or sand.

Step 2:
Then we added angel vine to the inside of the vase.  This helps support the stems and gives another layer design element that adds texture and interest.

Step 3:
When arranging stems, it is best to work with the largest branches first.  We are using 5 river birch branches that are about 36” long.  The same technique will work with flowering branches like apple and cherry blossom.

Step 4:
The next step is to add the stems of forsythia.  This adds color to the bouquet and will provide a beautiful contrast to the other flowers we add in the next step.

Step 5:
We finish off by adding the feature flower, giant orange poppies.  This works because it is a complementary color to the forsythia and a different shape flower that is large enough to have an impact on this design.

Ta-Da! A beautiful flower arrangement in only a few simple steps. If you’d like more tips or would like to even take a class on how to arrange flowers, stop by any time and I’d love to talk with you.

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