Janeen Designing

Janeen Does Homes

Janeen’s first job in Geneva was managing a flower shop on State Street. Her boss recognized her friendly way and her gift for design and she soon was involved in many other aspects of the business. Working in the home décor shop, Janeen developed her technique of helping customers with their interior decorating needs. This is what she still refers to as “doing homes”.

Clients loved the way Janeen would come over to their house, help them with furniture placement, aid in color selection and give many helpful decorating ideas. After taking careful notes and measurements, Janeen would come back to the store and create custom silk flower arrangements and select accessories for the client. Then Janeen would wrap the items, pack the car, deliver and unpack the merchandise at the client’s home. She would place the lamps, pictures and floral arrangements in the home blending it in with the homeowner’s possessions. When Janeen was done, the clients were thrilled with the transformation that had taken place in their home.

When Janeen decided to go into business on her own, she was busy right from the beginning because she had developed such a strong following for her in home decorating services. Clients get a chance to live with their new purchases for a week; they can return items during that time. Now thirteen years later Janeen is still doing homes and making new friends along the way.

Having a retail store of her own, Janeen Home Décor in historic downtown Geneva is a great opportunity for Janeen to use her interior decorating talents. She is constantly redoing and changing displays as the merchandise is always changing. Clients often bring in pictures or their smart phone with pictures of their design challenge needs. All of our designers jump at the opportunity to help out with ideas.

A typical in-home visit from Janeen lasts about two hours, a lot can get done in that time.  The cost is $95 an hour.  Home must be within 25 miles of Geneva.

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