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Color Inspiration

I have always been inspired by color. We can associate certain colors with a season, memory or a feeling. A deep orange can conjure up thoughts of pumpkin patches or even pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving.

Whatever the color and association, one thing is clear: certain colors can evoke different feelings. This is a huge thing I consider when decorating a room. Whether you are starting from scratch with a total room makeover or looking for accessories to add to a room you already cherish, colors that correspond and make you comfortable is key. Consider the space you want to improve upon. Think about what really moves you to feel the way you want to in that space. If it is a bedroom, you probably don’t want neon colors blasting at you from every angle. If it is a studio meant to inspire creativity, what colors evoke that within you?

One great thing about looking for inspiration is that it is everywhere! You could take a walk and look for colors that speak to you. You can even peruse interior design books or websites like Pinterest. One website that really emphasizes inspiration for color can come from anywhere are the color combinations found on Design Seeds.

Here are a few of my favorite color combinations you might consider when decorating a room:

Could be used (even in a lighter version) for a bedroom. It has such soothing colors that would make you feel relaxed and ready for a good night of sleep.
Photo credit: Design Seeds











This pallet would be fun in a child’s room or even a breakfast area. What a great way to start the day!
Photo credit: Design Seeds











This would be wonderful for a sitting room. Having some darker colors accented by bold pops of color is the way to go!
Photo credit: Design Seeds











What beautiful fall colors to accent the upcoming season!
Photo credit: Design Seeds











Even if none of these palettes are the ones for you, you can search based on a theme or even pick a color you like and look at the combinations that work with it.

Whatever your room and accessory color preferences, you can always come by Janeen Home Décor for inspiration. We are always adding new things to our inventory, so there is going to be something to inspire everyone. If you feel lost in the world of decorating or need help picking out colors that go well together, just ask me!  We even have a special where I can come to your home and recommend specific colors, ways of arranging furniture, and even bring accessories to liven up your living space. I am always here to help!

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