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Decorating Chandeliers for Spring

February is a great month at Janeen Home Décor. Spring is springing up all over the store! We have so many new items that get me really excited about the upcoming season – everything turning green again, a beautiful spectrum of color as flowers bloom, and even the change of colors in our wardrobes.

I’ve been looking forward to decorating for the Easter season all winter long! I love the pastels and the promise of spring the decorations bring. I’ve started adding small touches of spring and Easter in the store. Nothing is safe, including our chandeliers. I love adding special details to chandeliers because it is an area of the room often forgotten when decorating.


Janeen Decorates Chandeliers










I’ve added a strand of Easter eggs and greenery to this piece. It adds dimension and color to an otherwise bland area of a room. I even added the bottles for a touch of whimsy, great for any dining room. They add color and bling to this lovely chandelier.


Janeen Decorates Chandeliers









On this chandelier, I added a floral arrangement that compliments the colors of the Easter eggs. I love adding the eggs where the candles or lights would normally go. It is such a fun, unexpected way to add a touch of spring to your dining room.


Decorating chandeliers is a great way to add cheer and color to your dining room! It is especially helpful for those who love decorating, but don’t have a table large enough for centerpieces. If you would like Janeen to come decorate your home for spring, call or stop by to schedule a time for your home transformation.

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