Holiday Decorating Reservations Are Now Being Taken!

It seems a bit early, doesn’t it, but we start taking reservations to decorate clients homes for the holiday season in August!


What can we do for you?


JHDChristmas6We’ll visit your home to listen to what you’d like to create for the holidays. It doesn’t matter what occasion your family celebrates, we decorate for every holiday. This initial consultation is free!


We can do your entire home,  a special room, indoor and outdoor wreaths and indoor/outdoor lanterns. We can even do your outdoor light fixtures.
We can use your decorations, our decorations, or a mix of both!
Once we’ve determined all of this, we’ll come up with a plan, and schedule a date to work our magic to transform your home!
Our schedule fills up quickly – we typically have no spots open after mid-September! Stop in and schedule your initial consultation or give us a call at 1-630-232-7885.

Design Tips | How To Create Your Own Tree Topiary

A topiary is a classic style of sculptured green plant.  A topiary can be something very simple or very ornate.  You may have seen some about downtown Geneva as natural aspects of a yard. Not far from Janeen Home Decor we have spotted some jumping deer, and a Victorian couple out for a walk.  But what about a simple topiary for your sunroom or other space in your home? Janeen and I worked together to create a homemade topiary tree that you can create yourself!

The preparation is not hard to do if you have the correct materials and tools. You will need the following:

Finished Ficus Topiary Trees

Finished Ficus Topiary Trees


– Drywall patch. This is like plaster and can be found at any hardware store.

– Natural tree trunk. We used white birch from our supplier in Wisconsin. Any interesting tree branch will work.

–  An unbreakable plastic pot with the holes taped over, we used a florist paper mache container.

– Green Styrofoam. This can be bought at most craft stores, and can be bought in a form, or you may cut it into any shape you desire. We chose to use a sphere.

– Foliage. We used  curly silk ficus stems, but if you used plastic boxwood the trees could go outside.

-Hot glue gun or melted glue in electric frying pan.

-Dried sheet moss or Spanish moss.  We have all kinds of moss and dried materials.






– Mix the plaster or drywall patch with water in a bucket. Work quickly, it sets up fast. Fill the flower pot with the mixture.

-We set  a birch pole into the  plaster filled flower pot.  It is very important to make sure it sets up straight, or your tree will crooked.



Picking the branches in the pick machine.

Picking the branches in the pick machine.

-Janeen gathers 3 or 4 stems of the cut up foliage and picks them in the pick machine. She dips them in hot glue before inserting it in the foam base.








The finished clusters of stems that are ready to bo glued into the foam.

The finished clusters of stems that are ready to bo glued into the foam.




– If all of your picked leaf clusters are the same size it is easy to keep the round shape.






Inserting the picks into  the foam base, keeping the round shape as you go.

Inserting the picks into the foam base, keeping the round shape as you go.

-Point each spray toward the center of the foam, so they all radiate out to give the tree a realistic look.

-Keep a little dried sheet moss on hand to cover any foam that shows.

-Keep filling in until you have created a round ball of leaves.  It takes a lot of stems to create a lush topiary look.







The tree on the right is partially constructed.

The tree on the right is partially constructed.

The trees we made are 48″ and 60″ tall.


This is a fun project, the finished topiary tree dressed up in a decorative container can really make a dramatic statement.

Design Tips | How to Repurpose An Old Window Into A Vintage Coatrack

It is always great to find a new use for something old. It is the green thing do, and when you’re done you have an interesting object with a good story.

I probably got this idea originally from Pinterest. Isn’t it amazing the creative projects you can find there? These wooden windows came out of remodeled home in Park Ridge, and are probably 75 years or older.

The Kane County Flea Market is a wonderful source for old window frames. The window frames can be filled with cork board, blackboard or key hooks to create a message center in the entryway.  The possibilities are endless.

Finished up purposed windowFor this project we decided to add glass mirror to the top three frames and large coat hooks on wood slats to the bottom frames. It will look great in the mud room.






1.  Carefully remove the old glass and clean up the frame.

2. Attach the picture hanger hardware to the backside so it will be easy to hang on the wall when finished.


Window frame ready for painting3. Fill in the lower frames with wood slats. We used wood from a used pallet.






Painting the window frame4. This is the easiest time to paint the frame. We used an interior latex paint, and distressed it with a little sand paper.






Tapping in the points to hold the mirror in place.5. Install the mirrors. We had them cut to size. Mirror glass is very inexpensive at Lowe’s. You buy a larger piece of mirror, and they will custom cut it at no extra charge. Back the mirror with cardboard and hold it in place with window points.




Attaching the coat hooks6. Add the coat hooks and it is ready to hang your project.  






Finished Mirror Coat Rack



Win A Free Consultation With Janeen!

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Refreshing Your Silks

Did you know your silk flower arrangements need to be refreshed? Over time they get worn and dusty, and when they do that is the perfect time to bring them into Janeen Home Decor!

Janeen Dried sconceJaneen will take your arrangement apart, clean everything from the pot exterior and interior, wash the silks she can, replace the items, and then put it together again so your display is refreshed and even more attractive than before!



Decorating Chandeliers for Spring

February is a great month at Janeen Home Décor. Spring is springing up all over the store! We have so many new items that get me really excited about the upcoming season – everything turning green again, a beautiful spectrum of color as flowers bloom, and even the change of colors in our wardrobes.

I’ve been looking forward to decorating for the Easter season all winter long! I love the pastels and the promise of spring the decorations bring. I’ve started adding small touches of spring and Easter in the store. Nothing is safe, including our chandeliers. I love adding special details to chandeliers because it is an area of the room often forgotten when decorating.


Janeen Decorates Chandeliers










I’ve added a strand of Easter eggs and greenery to this piece. It adds dimension and color to an otherwise bland area of a room. I even added the bottles for a touch of whimsy, great for any dining room. They add color and bling to this lovely chandelier.


Janeen Decorates Chandeliers









On this chandelier, I added a floral arrangement that compliments the colors of the Easter eggs. I love adding the eggs where the candles or lights would normally go. It is such a fun, unexpected way to add a touch of spring to your dining room.


Decorating chandeliers is a great way to add cheer and color to your dining room! It is especially helpful for those who love decorating, but don’t have a table large enough for centerpieces. If you would like Janeen to come decorate your home for spring, call or stop by to schedule a time for your home transformation.

Looking Forward to 2013

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to count our many blessings. Morgan and I have so much to be thankful for. We love coming to the shop every day because of the great people we work with and the wonderful customers and friends we serve.

I am happy to report that we are seeing a new sense of optimism that has been missing for the last few years. Our clients, fellow merchants and vendors all confirm that same feeling. Things are getting better and people are again having fun with their homes. If you have a new project coming up, I am ready to help you with any home decorating needs you may have, just give me a call.

We are going to market in a few weeks and will be looking for great items that are beautifully made and are a good value for our clients. We are constantly looking for products that feature quality workmanship, great design and good value.

My passion is interior design and composition. It shines through in the way the store is constantly changing with the flow of new merchandise, yet it is always interesting and inspiring. I hope that my excitement shows through to you, our customers.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the Janeen Home Décor website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We have a lot of great events, special sales and classes coming up this year and will do our best to keep you informed through our many outlets. You can even sign up to receive our newsletters.

We just have gotten started with our online store; check it out at and you will find a lot of fun stuff at great prices. We’ve enjoyed picking out fun, special items for our customers to add to their homes. It has also afforded us a unique opportunity to meet up with people who have never been to our shop!

As I said, we have much to be thankful for. We look forward to seeing what 2013 holds for Janeen Home Décor and all of our customers. Thank you for a wonderful 2012! We hope that you and yours have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!

-Janeen O’Brien