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Win a free consultation with Janeen! She’ll come into your home, evaluate your furniture placement, colors, and listen to your ideas and wants for your home.

Janeen April 2014How can you take advantage of this $95 value? Simply like our Facebook page, and click our sweepstakes button to enter yourself! It’s that easy! A winner will be chosen at the end of April.

Winner must live within 20 miles of Geneva, IL.


Refreshing Your Silks

Did you know your silk flower arrangements need to be refreshed? Over time they get worn and dusty, and when they do that is the perfect time to bring them into Janeen Home Decor!

Janeen Dried sconceJaneen will take your arrangement apart, clean everything from the pot exterior and interior, wash the silks she can, replace the items, and then put it together again so your display is refreshed and even more attractive than before!



Decorating Chandeliers for Spring

February is a great month at Janeen Home Décor. Spring is springing up all over the store! We have so many new items that get me really excited about the upcoming season – everything turning green again, a beautiful spectrum of color as flowers bloom, and even the change of colors in our wardrobes.

I’ve been looking forward to decorating for the Easter season all winter long! I love the pastels and the promise of spring the decorations bring. I’ve started adding small touches of spring and Easter in the store. Nothing is safe, including our chandeliers. I love adding special details to chandeliers because it is an area of the room often forgotten when decorating.


Janeen Decorates Chandeliers










I’ve added a strand of Easter eggs and greenery to this piece. It adds dimension and color to an otherwise bland area of a room. I even added the bottles for a touch of whimsy, great for any dining room. They add color and bling to this lovely chandelier.


Janeen Decorates Chandeliers









On this chandelier, I added a floral arrangement that compliments the colors of the Easter eggs. I love adding the eggs where the candles or lights would normally go. It is such a fun, unexpected way to add a touch of spring to your dining room.


Decorating chandeliers is a great way to add cheer and color to your dining room! It is especially helpful for those who love decorating, but don’t have a table large enough for centerpieces. If you would like Janeen to come decorate your home for spring, call or stop by to schedule a time for your home transformation.

Looking Forward to 2013

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to count our many blessings. Morgan and I have so much to be thankful for. We love coming to the shop every day because of the great people we work with and the wonderful customers and friends we serve.

I am happy to report that we are seeing a new sense of optimism that has been missing for the last few years. Our clients, fellow merchants and vendors all confirm that same feeling. Things are getting better and people are again having fun with their homes. If you have a new project coming up, I am ready to help you with any home decorating needs you may have, just give me a call.

We are going to market in a few weeks and will be looking for great items that are beautifully made and are a good value for our clients. We are constantly looking for products that feature quality workmanship, great design and good value.

My passion is interior design and composition. It shines through in the way the store is constantly changing with the flow of new merchandise, yet it is always interesting and inspiring. I hope that my excitement shows through to you, our customers.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the Janeen Home Décor website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We have a lot of great events, special sales and classes coming up this year and will do our best to keep you informed through our many outlets. You can even sign up to receive our newsletters.

We just have gotten started with our online store; check it out at and you will find a lot of fun stuff at great prices. We’ve enjoyed picking out fun, special items for our customers to add to their homes. It has also afforded us a unique opportunity to meet up with people who have never been to our shop!

As I said, we have much to be thankful for. We look forward to seeing what 2013 holds for Janeen Home Décor and all of our customers. Thank you for a wonderful 2012! We hope that you and yours have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!

-Janeen O’Brien

Corkcicles are here!

Janeen Home Decor is selling Corkcicles! We have multiple colors and are fully stocked up! Corkcicles are a fun gift idea for anyone who enjoys entertaining. Not only do they make great gifts, Oprah herself handpicked and added them to her 2012 Favorite Things list! What a seal of approval!

To use, you simply put the Corkcicle in the freezer for two hours. Pour a glass of wine and insert the Corkcicle. It will keep your white wine chilled for up to two hours or bring red wines up to their perfect temperature.

When looking for your own Corkcicle, remember that you can pick one up at Janeen Home Decor in downtown Geneva, IL or at Shop in your pajamas! You can even order online and pick up in the store to guarantee you will get one of these hot ticket items. Either way you chose to shop, be sure to get one fast before our inventory melts away!

Holiday Open Houses 2012

Exciting things are afoot! Janeen Home Décor is gearing up for the holiday season with a two weekend open house. We will be having specials and demonstrations, including a trunk show with Pat who creates all of the F.I.G. Candles we sell and Rachel with the Green Queen. We hope you make time to swing by and enjoy the beginnings of the holiday season.

Check out all of our exciting events and offers below:

October 26
F.I.G. Candle Trunk Show
Meet Pat, the artisan who creates all the wonderful fragrances and candles that make
the holidays so special.
Christmas wreathes & garlands are 10%, off today only.

October 27
All Christmas ornaments are 10% off, today only.

October 28
All Christmas tree trimmings are 10% off, today only.

November 2
The Green Queen Trunk Show: 2 – 6 pm
Rachel will have a fresh new collection of unique handmade scarves, texting mittens and leg warmers. Pine cone mistletoe & Christmas stockings are 10% off, today only.

November 3
Janeen’s Famous Bows
Our designers will be creating beautiful holiday bows, have yours created while you wait. Free labor on custom bow making today only. Limit 3 per customer.
All bolts of holiday ribbons are 10% off, today only.

November 4
All pre-made Christmas arrangements and centerpieces are 10% off, today only.

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Holiday Services by Janeen Home Decor

It may only be October, but here at Janeen Home Décor, we are preparing for the holidays. You may be asking yourself, “Why so early??” The biggest reason is because our holiday home decorating is in such demand! In our store, it is fall, but our schedule is reading November and December! Our home decorating services are in high demand because of how convenient it makes the season for our customers. Nothing relieves stress the holidays bring like Janeen and her team taking care of all of the holiday decorations.

Signing up for Janeen Home Décor’s holiday decorating includes so many things. You can have the home interior of your dreams in one day!  Your home will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland using a combination of your decorations and custom garlands, arrangements and bows made by Janeen. Janeen will remake any area of your home. If you are having a dinner party, the focus should be the dining room table. Janeen and staff can make a beautiful seasonal table scape as your loved ones gather together to share a meal. Hosting the holidays this year? Janeen can add special touches in each room to wow your friends and family. No space is too big or too small!

If you are interested in our holiday home decorating, please make sure to sign up as soon as possible. Our calendar is already filling up! Please call and ask about availability and pricing. We would love to answer your questions and make your holiday decorating dreams come true!

Let us help you refresh you Christmas décor from seasons past. Bring in your “worn” wreathes or arrangements and we can “dress them up”.







Color Inspiration

I have always been inspired by color. We can associate certain colors with a season, memory or a feeling. A deep orange can conjure up thoughts of pumpkin patches or even pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving.

Whatever the color and association, one thing is clear: certain colors can evoke different feelings. This is a huge thing I consider when decorating a room. Whether you are starting from scratch with a total room makeover or looking for accessories to add to a room you already cherish, colors that correspond and make you comfortable is key. Consider the space you want to improve upon. Think about what really moves you to feel the way you want to in that space. If it is a bedroom, you probably don’t want neon colors blasting at you from every angle. If it is a studio meant to inspire creativity, what colors evoke that within you?

One great thing about looking for inspiration is that it is everywhere! You could take a walk and look for colors that speak to you. You can even peruse interior design books or websites like Pinterest. One website that really emphasizes inspiration for color can come from anywhere are the color combinations found on Design Seeds.

Here are a few of my favorite color combinations you might consider when decorating a room:

Could be used (even in a lighter version) for a bedroom. It has such soothing colors that would make you feel relaxed and ready for a good night of sleep.
Photo credit: Design Seeds











This pallet would be fun in a child’s room or even a breakfast area. What a great way to start the day!
Photo credit: Design Seeds











This would be wonderful for a sitting room. Having some darker colors accented by bold pops of color is the way to go!
Photo credit: Design Seeds











What beautiful fall colors to accent the upcoming season!
Photo credit: Design Seeds











Even if none of these palettes are the ones for you, you can search based on a theme or even pick a color you like and look at the combinations that work with it.

Whatever your room and accessory color preferences, you can always come by Janeen Home Décor for inspiration. We are always adding new things to our inventory, so there is going to be something to inspire everyone. If you feel lost in the world of decorating or need help picking out colors that go well together, just ask me!  We even have a special where I can come to your home and recommend specific colors, ways of arranging furniture, and even bring accessories to liven up your living space. I am always here to help!

Janeen loves Pinterest!

Janeen loves fun ideas that you can garage sale or dumpster dive for. Pinterest is a great source for inspiration. There are so many things that people are quick to throw out or sell that can be repurposed for your home. Here are a few ideas:

Old suitcases can be mounted on the wall and used as shelves.
Credit: Centsational Girl





















Old doors can be painted and used for desktops, benches or a cocktail table.
Credit: Fabulous Finishes




















Lanterns can be used for table arrangements. Simply insert battery candles and rocks at the bottom and you’ve got a beautiful centerpiece. You could even place the lantern on the floor in sun room or hang up on the wall with a bracket.
Credit: Style Me Pretty




















Paint an old wagon and stage it in your garden area with fun plants or succulents.
Credit: Better Homes and Gardens



















Find a salvaged window shutter and use it to fill with incoming mail, calendar, pictures etc.
Credit: Disfunctional Designs

























An old baby crib bench made into a bench is a fun idea! Paint it a happy color and use in the kids’ room or mud room, put baskets underneath and fill with books, toys, shoes or gloves.
Credit: Moms By





















If you like some of these ideas, but still don’t know where or how to start, feel free to come in and ask Janeen! You can even have Janeen come to your home and implement some changes to create a whole new feel to your living space. If you are interested in checking out the Janeen Home Decor pinterest page develop, follow this link.